The intelligent mobile assistant for how you live, work and play.

  • NEW! Driver Mode Auto Detect

    A good personal assistant is always one step ahead. Dragon senses when you’re in a moving vehicle and automatically switches to hands-free, eyes-free access, keeping you connected in a safer, smarter way.

  • NEW! Customizable Wake-up Word

    You can now choose how you wake up your Dragon with a customizable wake-up word.  “Hi Dragon”, “Hey Dude,” or “Hello Dolly,” whichever wake-up-word you choose, Dragon is ready to respond and deliver.

  • NEW! Voice Notifications

    Need constant connectivity? Dragon’s got you covered. Dragon now includes Voice Notifications that can help you be more productive by reading back your Facebook status updates, messages, incoming calls, alerts and upcoming appointments

  • NEW! Email Dictation

    Dragon now supports voice-enabled email. When you need to create an important e-mail, use Email Dictation to quickly get that done. No typing or stopping required.

  • Location Sharing

    Dragon gives you the option to share your location or find your friends. Just tell Dragon to share your location and it will send a text with a link to your location on a map.  Ask Dragon “Where’s John” or tell Dragon to “Tell John where I am,” to see them on a map.

  • Messaging

    Sending messages is as simple as speaking a few words to Dragon. Keep your head up because hands down Dragon is the easiest way to send a text when you’re on the go. Simply say, “Tell Natalie that I’m running a few minutes late to dinner” and you’re done.

  • Calendar Events

    Need to set up a dinner date or a meeting with a business contact? Dragon can help you out. Using conversational guidance, Dragon Mobile Assistant will help you fill in all the necessary details to ensure that you are on time, all the time. Simply say phrases like “Schedule a meeting with Jaxon tomorrow at 2pm” or “Create an appointment in my calendar.”

  • Maps & Directions

    Messing with maps while you’re on the go can often be frustrating as you walk down the street trying to figure out where you need to go. The Dragon assistant makes it a snap by enabling you to find addresses and points of interest quickly with just a few words.   “Show me a map of Chicago” “What’s the best way to get to Portland, Maine?”

  • Dragon Go! Search

    The Dragon assistant also delivers the award-winning Dragon Go! directed search experience. Explore a wide range of content from all of the sites and services you love. Find a restaurant on Yelp, check out movies times on Fandango, track down the latest viral video on YouTube with simple phrases like “Find an Italian restaurant nearby.”

  • Open Apps

    Scrolling through your library of apps can be quite cumbersome, especially if you’re an app addict – so why not use your voice to find it? With Dragon you can open any app, any time – just tell it what you want. Say phrases like “Open calendar” or “I’d like to open Angry Birds.”

  • Music

    Finding the music artist you want to listen to while you’re on the move can be a real pain with all that endless scrolling and clicking. Now, you can hear the tunes you want, when you want them. Just tell Dragon what to play such as “Play Philip Phillips.”

  • Alarm

    Never on time? Just use Dragon to keep you on track. Simply tell Dragon when you need an alarm, and it will do the rest. With phrase like “Set alarm for 3:30 PM tomorrow” or “Set the alarm to wake me at 6:30 AM” you’ll never be late.

  • Voice Dial

    Making phone calls has never been easier, even when you can’t access your contacts. Just let Dragon know who you’d like to call, and it will do the rest.   “Call Sofie at work” “I’d like to give TJ a call”

  • Social Networking

    Ever been dying to share something, but your hands have been tied? You’re free to express yourself wherever life may take you with Dragon. Post to Facebook or update your Twitter status using the power of your voice.


    “Update my Facbeook status to, Anyone up for a ski weekend?”

    “Post to Twitter, Flash mob right now at Park Street!”

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