How to Check the Weather With Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant can get you the latest weather report so that you are up-to-date on the most important weather information. Whether your area is about to experience a serious blizzard or you want to know if you’ll need an umbrella for the day, Dragon offers multiple weather-related options in its search carousel, including and Weatherbug, to address all your climate questions!

Simply ask Dragon for weather information and it will retrieve it for you.

Let’s check out some examples!


Tell Dragon to perform an action like, “Check local weather with”


You can also find out the weather of another area of the world if you are not interested in your local weather. Just ask Dragon “What is the weather in San Francisco?”


Dragon will use one of its weather search tabs to find your weather information completely hands free. Dragon Mobile Assistant makes checking the weather quick and simple!

  • Steve Marshall

    Will Dragon get to the point where not only will it pull the weather but read it to you similar to Siri?

    • john

      Hi Steve! Thanks for giving us your feedback. We are constantly working on offering additional features, especially in accordance with customer needs. Please stay tuned as we release new versions with updated features!