Dragon Mobile Assistant – Version 3.0 News

Hey, Dragon users. Some of you have reported experiencing an update issue with Dragon Mobile Assistant 3.0 released on March 12. We’ve tracked this to a technical change in Google Play Store that has affected some users upgrading from 2.0 to 3.0. We’ve adjusted the build to fix this bug in future upgrades. If you experience a system crash, simply uninstall and reinstall DMA 3.0, and that will fix the problem. Fortunately most users shouldn’t be affected, but we’re determined to offer a the best Dragon experience possible to everyone.

  • Jeff

    The latest update has the app working great, except for the option to link to Netflix, which appears to be broken. I tried numerous times to link DMA and Netflix, but it keeps saying that it isn’t logged in (I definitely entered my login information properly).

    This isn’t a huge issue for me, as I love the app, regardless, but it was pretty nifty being able to use voice searches to find content on Netflix.

    Anyways, thank you for making this amazing app freely available :)

    • john

      Hi Jeff! Thanks for the great feedback. Are you logging into Netflix directly from your Android in the Netflix app or logging in once Dragon has opened Netflix? Please try to log in to Netflix with Dragon initially. After logging in once using Dragon, Dragon should take you directly to your Netflix account in the future. Please let us know if this solved the issue!

  • Haybe75

    When this app. Come in Canada?

    • john

      Unfortunately, we do not have a set date for Canadian release. We hope to expand to additional users in the future but are limited to USA based on content partner dependency. However, please check back with us again.