Making Phone Calls With Dragon Mobile Assistant

Dragon Mobile Assistant makes it easy for you to place calls without having to manually access your contacts. By using simple voice commands you can make calls to any contacts in your phone. Read on to learn how you can get started placing calls using your Dragon Mobile assistant.

Simply tell Dragon who you would like to call and it will quickly get you connected. Get things started by simply saying “call” plus your contact’s name as saved in your address book  and Dragon will activate call mode. Tip: by saying your contact’s name as written in your address book, Dragon finds the exact contact and phone number you want to call more quickly – and all by voice.

For example;

Example 1:
Tell Dragon to “Call Jimmy Boylston.”

Dragon Phone Call

Dragon will begin the phone call immediately.

Dragon Dialing

You can also reach the phone call feature of Dragon Mobile Assistant by starting with a request to call and, when prompted, follow with the contact’s name.

Example 2:
Tell Dragon to “Call.”

Dragon Call

Dragon will ask you who you would like to call. Say the name of your contact such as “Jimmy” and Dragon will begin dialing the number.

Dragon Address Book        Dragon Jimmy Call

Dragon Mobile Assistant makes placing phone calls quick, easy and best of all – hands-free! Now you give it a try!

  • @jim_okc

    I would really like to see something better done with your engine on Windows Phone 8. Not very functional.

    • john

      We don’t currently support the Windows Phone 8 but we plan to add full, functional support in the near future.

  • Ron Norgaard

    All it does is calls? Google Now does that and much much more. But then again, not everyone has Jelly Bean. I don’t even use Vlingo. Google does it all now.

  • johnnyTheV

    Android version call seems not to be able to find names well. I ask to call my wife and it proposes all names with same last name, all close first names, and when it asks which of those i want it just repeats the list. The only way i get it to call out is by reading out the phone number.

    • john

      Tell Dragon the full name- first and last or name as written in your phone’s address book. This should reduce the number of names that appear when you are searching for a contact.

  • George Hyman

    what about contacts with multiple phones? I’ve tried call at mobile

    call somone mobile and variants and I always get asked which number to use.

    • DragonMobileApps

      Hi George,

      You will want to make sure your contacts are stored as “John Mobile” or “John Home” when commanding Dragon to call someone with more than one phone number. Otherwise, Dragon will pull the primary number listed under each contact. Please let us know if you need any additional help!

      • George Hyman

        This may work, but it’s unacceptably lame – it expands the number of contacts, doesn’t deal with the good feature of having multiple contacts, etc.

        BTW – last night I tried (again) “call at mobile – and it worked. Of course, this is a sample of 1, but maybe my copy of Dragon is learning my voice better.

        • DragonMobileApps

          Hi George,

          We appreciate hearing this feedback and will definitely take it into consideration for future releases. The more you use Dragon the better the voice recognition will get, so we encourage you to keep giving commands. Please reach out if you have any further issues, and again, thanks for sharing.