Dragon Releases New Update And Broadens Device Support

Today at Nuance we announced a new version of our Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android with expanded personal assistant capabilities, and we extended availability to the broader Android community beyond the currently supported 4.0 and higher devices.  Now supporting devices running Android 2.3 and higher, Dragon enables nearly all Android users in the U.S. to get more out of their Android personal assistant experience with the ability to play music, set their alarm and open other applications just by speaking.

Dragon combines Nuance’s industry leading natural language understanding and unique directed search capabilities with an intelligent and intuitive personal assistant experience.   Simply say “Hi Dragon,” and from there the technology of the mobile interface disappears as people can simply speak to send text messages, make calls, set appointments, and now set  the alarm, play their favorite song, or get instant access to apps including games, navigation, and more.

People can say:

  • “Set the alarm to wake me at 6:30 AM”
  •  “I want to listen to Aerosmith!”
  • “Open Angry Birds.”

And when set to its always-listening Driver Mode, Dragon’s personal assistant experience is completely hands-free.

Further, Dragon gives people direct, open access to the content and knowledge they want on the mobile web from more than 200 content providers – no blue links or paid search advertising – just a mobile assistant that works.

Dragon is available in beta for free in English on Google Play in the US, supporting Android 2.3 and above. To download Dragon, click here. To learn more about Dragon Mobile Assistant, visit www.dragonmobileapps.com, or join the conversation at www.facebook.com/dragonmobileapps or @DragonMobileApp on Twitter.

  • Tim Haynes

    Looks neat, but I’m wondering why it’s restricted to US only? I live in Canada, and would love to try it out! Thanks.

    • john

      Because of dependency on content partners, we are only available in USA. But we are hoping to expand globally in the future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Matt.Harry.Mick Matt Greenacre

    Why isn’t it available in the UK & when will it be available?!

    • john

      We are limited to the US due to dependency on content partners. We do not have a set release date for international service. But please stay tuned as we hope to expand in the future.

  • BartB

    Great so far, accuracy much better in 2.0 please add reminders as well as appointments and it would be damn near perfect

    • john

      Thank for your feedback. We always appreciate hearing what new features our customers would like. Glad to hear you have been enjoying the app so far.

  • noli ariate

    nice app but still not availble for galaxy tab 7.0+ and other android phones here in the philippines.

    • john

      We are still limited to USA service. But are hoping to expand internationally in the future.

  • StephSays

    I WANT FLEX-T9 BACK!! I had it on my galaxy tab 7.0 and LOVED it for dictating as well as typing. I just updated to the galaxy note 10.1 and the first utility I went to install was the T9 keyboard… but BOOOOH! You discontinued it and, theoretically, integrated it with Note 10.1’s built in keyboard. Soo not the same. The text prediction is painful, the voice transcription is dreadful, and the actual keyboard layout – well seriously, the apostrophe is on the 2nd screen… > /

    • john

      Thank you for your feedback. We always find it helpful to hear our customers’ thoughts on the latest products.

  • Andre

    When will this be available in Canada?

    • DragonMobileApps

      Hi Andre,

      Dragon is currently limited to availability in the USA with no set release date for Canada as of now. We are anxious to expand to more users soon, so please stay tuned for future releases.

  • Hugh

    When can I get it in Canada?!

    • DragonMobileApps

      Hi Hugh,

      Dragon is currently limited to availability in the USA, but we’re anxious to expand to more users with future releases. Please stay tuned.

      • Akiva

        This was a year ago. Any news for Canada. Dragon is my favourite but on my new phone the versions from alternate sources mess up my gps.