Dragon Mobile Assistant’s Tricks for Updating Social Networks

Dragon Mobile Assistant allows you to post updates on Facebook and Twitter using just your voice. That’s right – you can now update your Facebook status or send a Tweet completely hands free!

To start taking advantage of this feature – make sure your Facebook and Twitter accounts are connected to your Android phone.  With this step complete, you’re now ready to start posting by voice. Let’s give it a try….

Facebook Example:

Tell Dragon you would like to create a new Facebook status – just say “update Facebook.”

Next, Dragon will ask what you want your status to say.

Tell Dragon whatever you want, such as “it’s a beautiful day.”
Dragon will ask if you are ready to post this update or if you would like to cancel.

If you are ready to post simply say “post” and your new Facebook status will appear online.

Twitter Example:

Similar to Facebook, Dragon can also post to Twitter.

When you want to post to your Twitter account, tell Dragon, “send tweet.”

Once Dragon detects that you would like to create a tweet, it will ask what you want to post.

Dragon makes tweeting easy by providing a character count next to your tweet so you can stay within posting limits. When ready, tell Dragon “post” and the tweet will appear on your Twitter feed.

Dragon Mobile Assistant makes it simple to keep friends,  family and professional networks updated on Facebook and Twitter using just your voice and saying whatever is on your mind in that moment.

Go ahead and give it a try. It’s the perfect time of year to spread social holiday cheer! :)